We will input all of your financial and accounting data from your daily operations including:

  • Purchase orders, supplier invoices, cheques, credit card purchases, payables and loan information.

  • Client invoices, bank deposits, cash and credit card receipts.

  • Payroll information and paycheques.

  • Month-end accruals and schedules.

Operations Accounting

We will complete a balance sheet analysis, profit/loss statements and other customized reports such as:

  • Bank Reconciliations for all accounts

  • Credit card account reconciliations

  • Account reconciliations and production of a detail trial balance

  • Receivables report and analysis of aged receivables

  • Payables update and analysis of overdue payables

  • Revenue/cost analysis

Month-End Reporting

We will produce all your financial statements

  • Monthly reporting of net income (Profit/loss statement)

  • Monthly reporting of balance sheet

  • Statement of retained earnings (shareowner's equity)

  • Supporting documentation on product analysis

  • Cost of goods sold statement

  • Fixed asset schedules

  • Account analysis for changes in financial position

Financial Reporting

We will complete the following governmental requirements:
  • GST review, reconciliation and reports

  • PST review, reconciliation and reports

  • Employee payroll remittances and month-end reconciliations

  • Tax Installments - per tax accountant's calculations

  • Penalty analysis

  • Preparation and remittances of T-4's, reconciling pier reports

Government Remittances

Business Setup Checklist

When setting up your comprehensive accounting system, there will be some required business information to get things started.

To insure a speedy set up process, please download, fill out and print this checklist to bring along with your required business documents to your first meeting with Starr Business Solutions Inc.
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Business Information Checklist (PDF)